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Vote on Cars (VOC) can help you find an affordable car that’s into what you’re into — whether it’s your first new car, or last. Explore Cars with People Like You. Our volunteer army of reviewers trade in their Saturday mornings to be your eyes and ears as they explore, test drive and review cars. We aren’t journalists with stopwatches. We’re regular people testing cars against the challenges of everyday life. We’re Into Affordable, Regular-Guy Cars Too. In fact, nobody has more car reviews videos for vehicles under $20K than VOC. So, if you can’t afford to make a bad decision on the things you buy, you’re our kind of people. And it’s our mission to help you make a great car choice.

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The Review Crew was Clutch: Test Driving the Ford Focus 5-Speed

Troy Honda Hooks Us Up

Ford: “We only have a manual for you to borrow, is that ok?” While reviewing a car wit a stick eliminates some people from driving, it puts big grins on the faces of the Driver Tribe.

For this event we took a break from the dealership’s back 40 and hit the streets with a manufacture’s plate. Instead of the razor wire as a backdrop, we reviewed riverside in the tranquil village of Rochester Michigan. Stay tuned for our first 2016 Ford Focus Review soon.

Casting Call

X Appeal

Next Up… The Fast Lane with Fiat 500X

Mid September our friends at Fiat are flipping us a Fiat 500X to review for a couple of days. Unfortunately, to meet their requirements for loaning us a vehicle, no newbie reviewers for this one. Instead we’ll be unleashing the very best from our in-house ReviewCrew to examine it from nine unique perspectives.