Why Vote on Cars?

Make Sure Your Next Car Fits.

A Hassle-Free, Test Drive Alternative.

You’ve Done the Research. Now Try Some On.

It’s kinda like buying sunglasses, the only way to find a car that fits is to try on a bunch. Unfortunately trying on a $20,000 car is a drag compared to shuffling through a carousel of $20 shades. You gotta drive to lots of dealers… get eyeballed by salespeople… resist the hard sell… give away your personal information and deal with follow up calls — all to ensure the car you wear for the next 10 years actually fits.

Vote on Cars Takes the Hassle out of Test Driving Cars.

VOC is a fun, hassle-free, test drive alternative. We have more small car test drive videos than anyone on the web. And, unlike car-nerd reviews from magazines and research sites, our content comes from real people, checking out cars from a wide range of perspectives. And, we make it easy for you to find test drives that address the things that are important to YOU.

Step 1: Find Your Car Shopping Tribe. It’s easy, take our fun-ish, 13-question Tribe Quiz. 26 clicks later, you’ll find your home in a Test Drive Tribe. Whether it’s commuting, hauling stuff, saving cash… these folks share your priorities and their test drives will report out on the kinds of stuff you would check out if you were test driving for yourself.

Step 2: Try On Some Cars. You’ll find your Tribe’s test drives arranged by Love, Like and… well… Hate. Hey, no car’s great for everybody, right? And, for Season 4 we’re offering Periscope Test Drives. Check out our car calendar to see what we have coming up and be sure to dial in. Ask questions live and we’ll put the car to your test on the spot.

Step 3: Get The Car That Fits. When find the car that fits you best, we can help you take the next natural step — find a new or used one nearby and explore some financing options.

Have fun!

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Find Your Test Drive Tribe

Discover which of our nine Test Drive Tribes share what you think is most important in a car. Find out which ones they love, like and which cars you should avoid.

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Find out which of our test drivers match you the best based on your preferences, needs and personal style.

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Season 4

VOC Periscope Test Drive

You Ask. We Test.

Test Drive Small Cars with VOC and Periscope Yep, in addition to having more small car test drives on video (from more perspectives) than anyone else, starting in April you can test drive cars with us in real time using the Periscope app. In addition to the Review Crew, each car will include a remote reviewer who will kick the tires for you. Got a question? Ask it. We’ll look, touch, try and test it for you. Look for our schedule of cars soon. Got a request, drop us a note and we’ll see if we can squeeze it in. In the mean time, download Periscope and get ready for the best season of Vote on Cars yet! https://www.periscope.tv

The Future

Casting Call: Detroit 2016

GET FAME-ISH AS A VOTE ON CARS TEST DRIVER! Hey Detroiters! It’s time to emerge from your igloo, slap on some sunblock and join the Vote on Cars Test Drive Team. It’s Casting Call Detroit 2016! Vote on Cars offers …

Casting Call


More Cars, More Tribes, More Estrogen.

Uh… yeah, I know how that sounds. It’s not a sexist thing, but last season the majority of our videos featured dudes. While they were all awesome, there are plenty of “dudes on cars” websites out there. Our goal this year is to deliver a true 50/50 female/male balance for every event. So, if you’re in Metro Detroit and you want to get fame-ish as you help people like you find a car their going to love, well now’s your chance. Give our “Casting Call” link a click and we’ll push you to the front of the line. Can’t wait to meet you!