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Vote on Cars (VOC) can help you find an affordable car that’s into what you’re into — whether it’s your first new car, or last. Explore Cars with People Like You. Our volunteer army of reviewers trade in their Saturday mornings to be your eyes and ears as they explore, test drive and review cars. We aren’t journalists with stopwatches. We’re regular people testing cars against the challenges of everyday life. We’re Into Affordable, Regular-Guy Cars Too. In fact, nobody has more car reviews videos for vehicles under $20K than VOC. So, if you can’t afford to make a bad decision on the things you buy, you’re our kind of people. And it’s our mission to help you make a great car choice.

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The Squad Gets Shoehorned into a Subaru

We’re testing the limits of love

With the new site fired up, it’s time to start cutting the most awaited video series of the season. Instead of our normal three-person crew, we packed Impreza with five borderline crazy people. No offense, but when you spend all your waking hours wrangling teenagers — like these guys do — you hardly qualify as normal. Can the “love that makes a Subaru a Subaru” keep them from killing each other? Check out the first cuts from the craziness.

Casting Call

We're Going to have a Fit

And we want YOU to review it

Yep, we’re kicking off the 2015 VOC season with reviews of the elusive 2015 Honda Fit — Saturday, May 23rd in Metro Detroit. “Illusive” because we tried to get one all last year and we couldn’t find one in a dealer. So, we’re jacked to finally add Fit and Honda to the mix. While we’re there we may also put Civic under the microscope, BUT with the reveal of the next gen Civic at the New York International Auto Show, we might just wait on the new one. Also, we’re super excited to get our hands on the Fit-derrived HR-V Crossover. Who knows, it all depends on what we can get our hands on when it’s time to shoot. Anyhow, signing up is easy. Just click Casting Call and fill in the info page and someone will reach out to you to talk through the details. Can’t wait to meet you!