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Vote on Cars (VOC) can help you find the best affordable car for you — one that’s into what you’re into — whether it’s your first new car, or last. Explore Cars with People Like You. Our volunteer army of reviewers trade in their Saturday mornings to be your eyes and ears as they explore, test drive and review cars. We aren’t journalists with stopwatches. We’re regular people testing cars against the challenges of everyday life. We’re Into Affordable, Regular-Guy Cars Too. In fact, nobody has more car reviews videos for vehicles under $20K than VOC. So, if you can’t afford to make a bad decision on the things you buy, you’re our kind of people. And it’s our mission to help you make a great car choice.

How do I find the best affordable car for me? 

Finding the best affordable car for you is easy. First, take our 13-question, fun-ish Tribe Quiz and find your car-shopping tribe. The reviewers in your tribe will be looking for similar qualities in their next car. For example, reviewers in the Drive Tribe will be looking for a car that hugs turns, accelerates quickly and is fun to drive. Haulers will be looking for the most cargo space for their buck. Then, watch as few or as many reviews as you’d like and let the reviewer(s) be your eyes and ears. Check out the vehicle from their perspective. And let them help you find the best car for you.

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Take the VOC Tribe Quiz to discover your car hunting party. It’s fast and fun-isn — only 13 questions. In addition to putting a name to your car-shopping perspective, we’ll hook you up with car reviews from people who also call your Tribe home.

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Don't miss this one!

Mor Mazda CX-3 Reviews From More Perspectives than ANYONE on the web

New Blood. New insights.

Your Life versus The 2016 Mazda CX-3 With help from our friends at Suburban Mazda, a mix of fan favorites and fresh faces explored, test drove and reviewed the exciting 2016 Mazda CX-3. Spoiler Alert! This car is badass! So, badass that we’re pushing it to the front of the line in the edit bay. Look for first looks to hit as soon as we put the remaining Honda Fit and HR-Vs up. Chances are, if you’re shopping small crossovers, you’ll want to check out HR-V as well. And, we’re starting to plan for Season 4 and we want to make YOU Fame-ish!!! Fill out our Casting Call form to join the VOC Review Crew!

Coming Soon

Scion iM and iA Score Big with Reviewers

These Newbies Don't Dissapoint!

Fox Toyota / Scion Flipped us the Keys to Two Fine Machines

Season 3 of Vote on Cars wrapped with a brisk afternoon hanging out with Scion’s newbies: iA and iM. Interesting rides for sure. And, some interesting reviews too — newlywed cruise? Kiss Cam? What? Editing is underway, so stay tuned!

BTW… With everything going down at VW right now, we decided to pass on the opportunity to add the new, critically acclaimed Golf to our channel. While we’re confident they’ll do what’s right, we’re in wait-and-see mode until spring.