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11 Reasons Inexpensive Cars are Cool

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Chances are you already know why expensive cars are cool. Automakers, agencies and automotive media do an awesome job getting message out about the T-Rexs on the great automobile food chain. But, what if you’re like most of us who can’t afford a 30-, 40-,50-thousand dollar car? Or, can afford it, but think the idea of sinking that kind of cash into a car is a bit excessive for transportation? Welp, take heart and rest assured — inexpensive cars are cool! And, here are eleven of many reasons why.

1. Frees up more money for what you’re really into.

Some people like to be identified by what they drive, “That guy with the (insert name of fancy sports car here).” But, most of us would rather be known for other things that have nothing to do with what we drive. Like: “the guy who travels to exotic places.” “the girl who commutes on her bike most days.” “the couple with all of the kids.” “the chick rehabbing a the house in the city.” “The guy with the awesome guitar collection.” “Your friend with the startup.” “That super generous person.” …” Buying an inexpensive car allows you to put your money into the things you’re into. By the way, at Vote on Cars our goal is to help you find an inexpensive car that’s into what you’re into.

2. You can afford the cool features.

In the old days, the cool, high-tech features were reserved for rich-guy cars. Touch screens, performance equipment, leather seats… today many automakers are offering the cool features across the board, even in their least expensive models. So, if you’re into cool whiz-bang stuff, you can choose a better equipped, less expensive model than a stripped our expensive car.

3. Safety comes standard.

Over time the advanced safety features introduced in top-line models become government mandated standards, required in even the most affordable cars. For example, rear cameras will soon be standard on all new vehicles — even the cheap ones.

4. Hybrid-Rivaling Fuel Efficiency.

40 miles per gallon is not uncommon in inexpensive cars. And, when you figure that hybrids typically carry a premium price tag, the value story for inexpensive gas-powered vehicles becomes quite compelling.

5. Inexpensive doesn’t always mean Small.

While there are a ton of REALLY small entry level cars, you’d be surprised with the roominess of others. Check out our Nissan Sentra reviews for a great example of a roomy ride for small bucks.

6. Great for the city.

Not only are they easy to maneuver and park, if you park on the street, your car rarely looks pretty for long in the city. So, why get an expensive car that you have to worry about when you have no control over how lousy the next guy is at parking, snow plows, bicycle messengers…?

7. They can be great haulers.

Hatchbacks rule at hauling stuff. Spend a couple of hours in the Home Depot parking lot and you’ll see what I mean — there is no piece of lumber too long to transport in a hatchback. And, for the most part, all hatch backs are relatively inexpensive. What’s more, cars like the Honda Fit deliver cargo / passenger hauling flexibility that rivals expensive SUVs.

8. They are easy to personalize.

If you don’t like to blend in, affordable cars offer far more personalization accessories than expensive cars — whether you’re all show or tuning it to go. And, you might just have enough money left over to buy them.

9. They fit the needs of your real life.

We often slip into fantasy land when thinking about what they need in our next car. While we pay for 100% of the car, we only use part of it. How often do people sit in your back seat? How important is it then? How much horsepower does your life really require?

10. They let you live.

While we believe in taking good car of cars, we don’t think our lives should revolve around them. Cars are like tools. They need to work and they deserve proper care, BUT we’d never gold-plate one and put it behind glass. An inexpensive car doesn’t expect to be parked in the back of the lot. It doesn’t need two parking spots. It likes traveling with your friends. And, it’s cool with drinks and snacks.

11. Fewer things to break.

This is the theme song of the “Keeper Tribe.” I’m sure you heard it. More parts and gizmos means more opportunities for parts and gizmos to break. If you’re a Keeper, you know that this is extra important when you plan on keeping your ride well beyond it’s warranty.

I told you. Inexpensive cars ARE cool! And, that’s why we built Vote on Cars around them. It’s time to rethink what we need and want in a car. To stop putting cars in the center of our lives and find a car that’s into us. But, what are you into? Take the VOC Tribe Quiz to find people who share your passion.