The Future

Mega Trends Shaping the Future of the Automobile

Will you Vote "NO" on Cars?

What is the future of the Automobile? With the challenges of global crowding, fossil fuel and pollution, is the family truckster on the path of extinction? While you might not think that much about it, it’s a question that today’s automakers obsess about — and rightfully so. This year Ford Motor Company gave us a peek under the hood at the mega trends that are driving product planning — and some of the experiments they’re using to test their assumptions and drive innovation.

Now, we don’t typically post this kind of stuff… BUT it struck a cord. If you visit you’ll find that many of our reviewers “aren’t into cars”, but they need a car to do what they’re really into. They aren’t into cars, but they are into mobility — which is the focus of the series of videos we’re releasing now. We’re cutting them into small bites to promote conversation. So, please contribute here or on our website. First question… Do you believe that these four trends should drive the future of the automobile? Do they reflect your, your needs and preferences?