The Future

Should Your Next Car Have a Pedal-Powered Escape Pod?

An Argument for Mainstream Bicycle Commuting from an Unlikely Source

Why is Mark Fields, President and CEO of Ford Motor Company peddling bicycles as the future of mobility? (See what I did there?).

Car companies are not new to the bicycle business. Craigslist is full of low quality, Jeep branded bicycles sold through dealer parts departments… Kia and others started out in the bike business… and Lee Iacocca even invested some of his golden parachute into electrifying the bicycle.

So, what’s the big deal if Ford wants to splash blue ovals over a fleet of eBikes? The big deal is the unique role their multi-modal mobility concept will play in the way we get to work, do work and play. Check out the video. And, of course, sound off on what you think. Do you buy it? Would you buy it?