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Reliable & Affordable: Best Long-Term Cars

Top 10 cars that will reach 200,000 miles

Best Long-Term Cars: Getting your Odometer to 200k

Looking for a car that is reliable and affordable? Consumer reports just released this study listing the top ten cars that are most likely get your vehicle to 200,000 miles (and maybe more) with minimal repair shop headaches.

Not all of the vehicles on the list are within the typical VOC “affordable cars” range, but some are pretty darn close. Interestingly, only Toyota and Honda vehicles made the list. (Perhaps this speaks to each brand’s reputation for longevity). Take a look at the list — maybe one of these vehicles is on your new-car shortlist.

A Keeper-Tribe Dream List

If you’re in the Keeper Tribe, be careful — this list may cause you to unintentionally salivate all over your keyboard or phone. (Don’t know what Tribe you’re in? Take the fun-ish Find Your Tribe quiz!)

Top 10 Best Long-Term Cars (in no particular order)

  1. Toyota Prius — Kind of affordable (base MSRP: $24,200)
  2. Toyota Camry — Fairly Affordable (base MSRP: $22,970)  
  3. Honda Odyssey 
  4. Honda Pilot 
  5. Toyota Corolla — Affordable! Check out VOC’s Corolla Reviews
  6. Honda Accord Sedan — Affordable-ish (base MSRP: $22,105)
  7. Honda CR-V 
  8. Toyota Sienna
  9. Toyota Highlander 
  10. Honda Civic — Affordable! We’ll be reviewing the Civic in a few weeks. We expect to post the reviews in mid-June. 


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