Name: Morgan
Carmatch code: DMPT5
Tribe: Class Leader
Vehicle: Dodge Dart
Score: 87

2014 Dodge Dart Review – A Classy Small Car – DMPT5

[I]t was a lot different than what I had originally expected … [T]he seats are really comfortable. I feel like it’s kind of molded to my body. I really like the inside of this car.

A Classy Small Car. Vote on Cars is on a mission: to help fit small-car shoppers with the best car for their unique wants, needs and personal style. For Morgan’s debut review, we hooked her up with the sporty, high-tech, fun-to-drive Dodge Dart. While Dart is certainly high on style, is it the right style for Morgan? Watch and see.

Meet Morgan. Morgan’s CarMatch Code is DMPT5. She wants a vehicle with great style and design (D), gets great mpg (M) and comes with a low monthly payment (P). Her personal style is Trendsetting (T) and she needs to be able to haul up to five people. If you find that Morgan’s car-shopping priorities are different that yours — no worries — take 30 seconds to discover your CarMatch Code and we’ll fit you with a reviewer who better matches your unique wants, needs and personal style. Watch lots of videos and tell your friends!


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