Name: Jeremy
Carmatch code: FCTC4
Tribe: Driver
Vehicle: Nissan Juke
Score: 83

2014 Nissan Juke Video – Strange Style – FCTC4 Review

When you type “Nissan Juke” into a Google search, one of the first recommendations that pops up is, Nissan Juke Looks Like a Frog.”

In pursuit of finding the best commuter cars, we visited Suburban Nissan of Troy (Michigan) to test drive the Nissan Juke. In this review video, Jeremy gives us his opinion of the 2014 Nissan Juke. While the styling doesn’t meet his typical automotive design tastes, the rest of the vehicle was a home run. The wheels, exterior color, interior styling and ergonomics, and the stereo all checked Jeremy’s must-have boxes. It also seemed to have enough room for both people and cargo. Plus, it’s actually pretty fun to drive. Bottom line: if you can get over the looks (or, better yet, if you love the looks), then the Juke might be the best car for you.

Meet Jeremy. Jeremy’s CarMatch Code is FCTC4. He wants a vehicle that is fun-to-drive (F), offers quality craftsmanship (C), and is packed with the latest technology (T). His personal style is classic (C) and he needs to be able to haul up to four people. And, he has some pretty sweet aviators. Find out your CarMatch Code to see if the Nissan Juke is the best affordable car for you.
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