Name: Nik
Carmatch code: FPMU4
Tribe: 925er
Vehicle: Mazda3
Score: 80

2015 Mazda3 – A Great Car for Newlyweds – FPMU4 Review

“Considering all of the details … 34 mpg … I drive an hour to work to Detroit almost every day, that’s a huge plus. And, especially when you’re newly married and I just bought a house, so this is a great price point at 20,000 dollars.”

When you’re newlyweds, just starting out together, it’s important to make great financial decisions — especially when it comes to buying a car. Nik applied these insights to the 2015 Mazda3 as he explored, test drove and reviewed it for us earlier this year. He’s looking for a car that offers a comfortable ride and great fuel economy for his hour-long daily work commute. It’s also gotta fit a golf bag or two, and his new bride.

In this review, Nik finds out that the Mazda3 delivers pretty much exactly what he’s looking for. And, the best part is the price: for just over $20,000, Nik can get a Mazda3 with some pretty nice amenities, great fuel economy, fun-to-drive performance and styling that has caught the entire automotive world’s attention from its debut last year. Plus, that 20k sticker isn’t a bad price. Mazda3 is certainly a great car for newlyweds. Do you agree? Watch the video for Nik’s review.

Meet Nik. Nik’s CarMatch Code is FPMU4. He wants a car that’s fun to drive (F), has a low monthly payment (P) and high mpg (M). His personal style is utilitarian (U) and he needs to be able to haul up to four people. Find out your CarMatch Code to find out if the Mazda3 is the best car for you.
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