Name: Ravae
Carmatch code: MLSC4
Tribe: Arriver
Vehicle: Honda Fit
Score: 92

2016 Honda Fit Review: Fit Makes you Happy

Arriver Ravae’s 2016 Honda Fit Review Video 

The Honda Fit is a really fun car … It makes me feel happy when I drive it.

In this review video, Arriver Ravae takes the wheel of the 2016 Honda Fit to give us her take on this fun-sized, larger-than-it-seems commuter.

Right away, Ravae notes how happy Fit makes her feel when she’s behind the wheel. Even though the lackluster acceleration was a tad disappointing, it wasn’t enough to affect the driving experience as a whole.

The driver-side dash-mounted cupholder was another little feature that won her over. (It’s convenience at its finest, Honda, and she thanks you for that.) She also found the “high-tech” center stack (or, Display Audio, as Honda calls it) to be easy to use. There was no learning curve to connect her phone or find her favorite radio stations.

Last, you can’t talk about the Honda Fit without talking about its impressive hauling capabilities. The seats fold four different ways; one of those ways includes folding nearly flat into the floor, opening up plenty of space for large items.

All in all, fit was a good fit for her. Is Honda Fit the right car for you?

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