Name: Mike
Carmatch code: FTCU4
Tribe: Driver
Vehicle: Toyota Corolla
Score: 64

A Hip Grandpa Car: Toyota Corolla S Review Video

What is A Hip Grandpa Car? The Toyota Corolla S — at first glance it’s got style, detail and not-so-shabby ride quality. But, as Mike digs into its lack of throttle and arthritic steering response, he sees that the S model Corolla is more of a hip grandpa car, cloaked in modern swag. Watch Mike’s review video of the Toyota Corolla S model to see if you agree with his grandpa-mobile conclusion.

A superfluous side note. A Hip Grandpa Car — or HGC — is what happens when an automotive manufacturer aims to please the 18-and-under crowd with its exterior styling and interior design, but unfortunately also tunes the vehicle to offer golf-cart-like driving dynamics. The result? An HGC.

Meet Mike. It’s no wonder that Mike came to this conclusion. After all, his CarMatch™ Code is FTCU4. This means that he wants a vehicle that is Fun to Drive, packed with Technology and offers great Luxury & Craftsmanship. He defines his style as Unique and Individualistic and needs to be able to carry a maximum of four passengers at any given time. You can find out what your CarMatch Code™ is here.

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