Andrew R
Name: Andrew R
Carmatch code: FDMC2
Tribe: Driver
Vehicle: Hyundai Accent
Score: 53

A “Nice” Accent to the Hyundai Brand – Hyundai Accent Review

Andrew’s Hyundai Accent Review.

This past summer, we unleashed a dozen small car shoppers on Hyundai’s small car lineup. In this video, Andrew (yes, we know, ANOTHER reviewer named Andrew) leaves no stone un-turned in his review of the Hyundai Accent. While he might not be head-over-heels for the Accent, Andrew uncovers some really great features that make the Accent a likable little commuter. He loves the driving dynamics, but will they be enough to trump his boredom with the exterior styling?

Meet Andrew. Andrew’s CarMatch Code is FDMC2. He wants a vehicle that is fun to drive, has great-looking design and styling and also returns high MPG. He describes his style as “classic,” and only needs to be able to carry two people. Find out your CarMatch Code to see if the Hyundai Accent is the right vehicle for you.

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