Name: Daniel
Carmatch code: PMDU4
Tribe: Pincher
Vehicle: Chevy Spark
Score: 71

A Solid Commuter – Daniel’s Chevy Spark Review Video

The Chevy Spark is quiet, smooth and has just enough power to putz around a big city. But, is it good enough for a daily commuter in the suburbs? We asked Daniel to find out. While he praised many aspects of the Spark — it performed nicely on the highway and provided ample ‘pep’ — there were a few aspects that were sub par. Mainly, the lack of napping space in the back. (The rear seat, if you could call it that, is … how you say?… “restrictive.”) Watch Daniel’s Chevy Spark review video for the full details.

A little about Daniel. Daniel’s CarMatch Code™ is PMDU4. He wants an affordable vehicle with low monthly payments, outstanding MPG and Styling/Design that matches his ‘stache. His personal style is Unique/Individualistic and he needs to be able to haul up to four people. Find out your CarMatch Code and see if the Chevy Spark is the right vehicle for you.

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