Name: Andrew
Carmatch code: FHDN4
Tribe: Driver
Vehicle: Chevy Spark
Score: 47

A Sweet-16 Commuter Car – Chevy Spark Review Video

“I need something fun to drive … it’s definitely not for me.”

These were some of the first few words Andrew said after driving the Chevy Spark. Tiny: Yes. Girly: Yes. But, as Andrew points out, that’s exactly the point! The Spark was unanimously decided to be a 16-year-old dream car. Something that your Pops might buy you for a sweet sixteen. However, Andrew’s a few years out of high school, and a sweet-sixteen glam-mobile just doesn’t suit him.

Meet Andrew. Andrew’s CarMatch™ Code is FHDN4. Above all, he values Fun to Drive vehicles. He also needs to Haul People and Stuff, but wishes to do so in a vehicle with great Styling/Design. He claims “No Personal Style,” and needs a vehicle that can haul up to four people. Find out your CarMatch Code and see if the Chevy Spark is the right vehicle for you.

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