Name: Brian
Carmatch code: FHLU5
Tribe: Keeper
Vehicle: Fiat 500
Score: 61

Affordable Driver’s Car: Fiat 500 – FHLU5 Review

“Listen to the horn. *BEEP!*  That’s a good horn.”

In the pursuit of the best affordable cars, we asked a dozen regular small car shoppers to give us their take on the Fiat 500. In this review video, Brian squeezes into the stylish and pint-sized Fiat 500 to give us her perspective on this mini commuter. Though Brian finds charm in the 500’s ability to whip around town and possibly be a great inner-city commuter, he finds fault in its size. But, size doesn’t always matter … right? I mean, so what if this can’t fit 18 snowboards, your buddies and enough cases of booze for a long Up North weekend. (Well, the booze might be important) It’s still fun, right? Well, yeah. Brian would tell you that the Fiat 500 is an affordable driver’s car, for sure. As long as you’re in the driver’s seat, you’ll have a smile on your face. But, step into the rear “seat,” and you might Anyway, watch his review video to get his full perspective on the vehicle.

Meet Brian. Brian’s CarMatch Code is FHLU5. He wants a vehicle that is fun to drive (F), can haul people and stuff (H) and that is long lasting (L). His personal style is unique (U) and he needs to be able to haul up to five people. Find out your CarMatch Code to see if the Fiat 500 is a big enough commuter for you.
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