Name: Schwartz
Carmatch code: HMFC4
Tribe: Keeper
Vehicle: Scion iQ
Score: 53

Andrew S’s Scion iQ Review – HMFC4

Best Small Car Purchase. Is the Scion iQ the best small car purchase for you? Well, we asked our ReviewCrew to take a look and report back with the goods. In this review video, Andrew squeezes into the microscopic Scion iQ to see if this city car would be the best small car purchase for him.

A suburban side note. Andrew may not be 100% sold on this micro-car. However, he did mention that if he lived in a big city — say, New York or Chicago — that the Scion iQ would be an ideal choice. For you city mice out there, the Scion iQ might just be best small car purchase… It’s certainly an affordable one.

Meet Andrew. Andrew’s CarMatch Code™ is HMFC4. An avid cyclist and musician, Andrew needs plenty of space to Haul People and Stuff. He also wants great fuel economy, along with some Fun to Drive attributes. He defines his personal style as Classic/Timeless, and would like to be able to carry up to four people — himself included. Find out your CarMatch Code to see if the Scion iQ is the right vehicle for you.

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