Name: Emily
Carmatch code: DTBC5
Tribe: Class Leader
Vehicle: Dodge Dart
Score: 93

Best Affordable Tech Cars – Emily’s Dodge Dart Review – DTBC5

I was actually really surprised at how fast the car picked up when I was driving it. I really didn’t anticipate any speed to be coming out of this, this little Dart, but it was really fast and fun to drive.

Emily’s Dodge Dart Review: The Best Affordalbe Tech Cars. In pursuit of the best commuter cars you can’t overlook Dodge Dart — especially if you like design and technology. Check out Emily’s video as she takes Dart’s massive touchscreen infotainment system and wireless connectivity out for a spin. Does Dart top the chart as one of the best affordable tech cars? it just might.

If you find she’s looking for something different in a vehicle than you — no worries — take 30 seconds to discover your CarMatch Code and we’ll fit you with a reviewer who better matches your unique wants, needs and personal style. Watch lots of videos and tell your friends!

Meet Emily. Emily’s CarMatch Code is DTBC5. She wants a vehicle with great style and design (D), is packed with easy-to-use, modern technology (T) and is a specific brand (B) — but, she didn’t tell us what brand. Her personal style is timeless/classic (C) and she needs to be able to haul up to five people.


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