Doug G
Name: Doug G
Carmatch code: HCTC4
Vehicle: Kia Forte
Score: 70

Best Car for a Big Guy – The Kia Forte? – HCTC4 Review

Is Kia Forte a big enough car for a big enough guy? Vote on Cars found out.

That’s right. We stuffed a large dude into a tiny car. But, get this: he fit just fine.

In this video, we asked Doug and his glorious beard to give us his take on the Forte. Doug is a bigger guy … and the Forte is a smaller car … But, you might be surprised how it fits him. Despite his size and his self-proclaimed “big banana hands,” he found that the Forte offered a nice driving experience. And, he was surprised that Kia has stepped up its game.

“The first time I bought a car, I just said, ‘I’m looking for a vehicle that I can fit in,’ and that was the only requirements I gave the car salesman. The next one that I fit in, I bought.”

Have YOU checked out a Kia yet? You just might dig the Forte. Watch the full review to get all the BIG details on how the Kia Forte worked out for Doug.

Meet Doug. Doug’s CarMatch Code is HCTC4. He wants a vehicle that can haul people and stuff (H) — and that can fit him. He also wants a vehicle that offers luxury and craftsmanship (C) and also technology (T). His personal style is classic (C) and he needs to be able to haul up to four people. Find out your CarMatch Code to see if the Kia Forte is the best car for you.

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