Ryan K
Name: Ryan K
Carmatch code: LFHC4
Tribe: Keeper
Vehicle: Kia Forte
Score: 62

Best Car for an Active Lifestyle – Kia Forte Review – LFHC4

[H]auling stuff is really important to me with the car, and one of the things that we noticed with the trunk, even though the seats do fold down, it’s a little narrow, so getting bikes or bigger items back there is going to be tough once you get it into the interior of the trunk.

The Best Car for an Active Lifestyle.

In pursuit of finding the best inexpensive cars on the market, we stopped by our local Kia dealer to review the 2015 Kia Forte. In this review video, we asked Ryan — owner of Apto Cycling and overall bicycling madman — to see if the Forte was the best car for his active lifestyle. The answer: A big ol’ “maybe.” See, the Forte is on the small side and the cloth seats may be susceptible to getting and staying dirty, especially after a loading your gear after a muddy cyclocross race. However, despite it’s small stature, Forte offers more storage space than you might expect. Plus, it’s not a bad looking car. In fact, our reviewers dug the styling, overall. Watch the video for Ryan’s review.

Our reviewers get to explore and drive the vehicle without the presence of a sales person. It helps us get the most honest and relevant reviews — all in the name of making YOUR car-shopping experience better.

Meet Ryan. Ryan’s CarMatch Code is LFHC4. He wants a vehicle that is long lasting (L), is fun to drive (F) and can haul people and stuff (H). His personal style is classic (C) and he needs to be able to haul up to 4 people. The Forte might not be the best car to stuff a bike into, but it might be the best affordable car for you. Get your CarMatch Code and find out if it is!

Meet Apto Cycling Studio. Apto Cycling Studio is a one-stop, full-service bicycle repair shop. They also specialize in custom road and mountain bike builds, as well as custom bike fits. Check them out at www.goapto.com
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