Mark S
Name: Mark S
Carmatch code: LDSC4
Tribe: Keeper
Vehicle: Kia Soul
Score: 67

Best Car For Camping – The 2014 Kia Soul – LDSC4 Review Video

And, I have to say that, right up front, I was impressed. I like hatchbacks. I like the boxy style of it. It’s cute. It’s kind of trendy. Maybe it’s not exactly designed for someone my age, but, at the same time, I think when you drive a car like this it kind of makes you feel young.

2014 Kia Soul: One of the Best Cars for Camping?

In pursuit of finding great commuter and all around FUN cars, we visited our local Kia dealer to test drive the Kia Soul. In this review video, we asked young-at-heart Mark to give us his perspective. A camper, adventurer, dad and overall great guy, Mark explores the Kia Soul to see if it fits his needs. Don’t let the gray highlights fool you, Mark is a hip dude. He loves style and design and the Soul doesn’t disappoint — he loves Soul’s unique styling inside and out. He even thinks it would be great for his camping enthusiasm. And, he loved how it handled on the road: sporty, secure and comfortable. In fact, Mark is now considering purchasing a Soul of his own (the car … not, like, a human soul … whatever). What do you think? Is the Kia Soul one of the best cars for camping? Does it fit YOUR style? Watch the video for his full review.

A little about Mark. Mark’s CarMatch Code is LDSC4. He wants a vehicle that is long-lasting (L), has great style and design (D) and makes him feel safe while driving (S). His personal style is classic (C) and he needs to be able to haul four people. Find out your CarMatch Code and see if the Kia Soul is the right vehicle for you.
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