Name: Ysa
Carmatch code: MHPU4
Tribe: Hauler
Vehicle: Fiat 500L
Score: 50

Best Cars for Short Drivers – Fiat 500L Review – MHPU4

Fiat 500L: One of the Best Cars for Short Drivers? In pursuit of finding the best car for YOU, we visited our local Fiat “Studio.” (Yup, Fiat calls their dealerships “Studios.” It’s way more posh … we think …) In this review video, we unleash Ysa — one of VOC’s shortest (and sweetest) reviewers — to find out if the 500L is one of the best cars for short drivers. While she digs the looks of the larger Fiat, she does mention that it appears just a little bit cartoon-y. Maybe it’s the round headlamps? However, while the styling strikes her as a bit “Nickelodeon,” she does find that, even though Fiat has a reputation for being tiny, the Fiat 500L is spacious. With the seats folded down, we estimate that the vehicle could hold at least six or seven Ysas — though we don’t recommend trying that.

But, despite her qualms with the “goofy” exterior look and her distaste for the two-tone black/brown interior, Ysa sure loved how the car made her feel.

“But, I really do think that I look nice in this car.”

Watch the full review to see what made this car great, not-so great and a potential candidate as one of the best cars for short drivers.

Meet Ysa. Ysa’s CarMatch Code is MHPU4. She wants a vehicle that offers great miles per gallon, can comfortably haul people and stuff and comes with a low monthly payment. Her personal style is unique, and she needs to be able to haul up to four people. Find out your CarMatch Code and see if the Fiat 500L is the right vehicle for you.


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