Name: Thad
Carmatch code: HMLN4
Tribe: 925er
Vehicle: Kia Soul
Score: 68

Bicycle Friendly Cars – 2014 Kia Soul – HMLN4 Review

So, definitely one of the things I’m looking for in a vehicle is the ability to haul stuff. And, this vehicle does that pretty well.

In pursuit of finding affordable, fun and great commuter cars, we visited our local Kia dealer to check out the Kia Soul. In this review video, Thad gives us his perspective on the Soul. Thad is a family man with a cycling habit who’s looking for a vehicle that complements not only his life as a parent, but his love for cycling, too. On that note, Thad needs a bicycle friendly car. One that can haul his muddy Salsa from race to race. And, he’s also got an eye for style. Thad digs the utilitarian style and the storage space, and is pretty stoked about the 10-year, 100,000-mile warranty as well. Watch the video for his full review.

Meet Thad. Thad’s CarMatch Code is HMLN4. He wants a vehicle that can haul people and stuff and bikes (H), gets great fuel economy (M) and will last a long time (L). He says he has no personal style (N) and needs to be able to haul four people. Find out your CarMatch Code and see if the Kia Soul is the right vehicle for you.
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