Name: Mark
Carmatch code: MDPC4
Tribe: 925er
Vehicle: Jeep Renegade
Score: 88

Can Jeep Renegade Sport Conquer a Killer Commute? Video

All the touch and feel areas … it doesn’t feel plasticy and cheap.

2015 Jeep Renegade Review

In this installment of Vote on Cars, Mark takes the wheel of the Jeep Renegade.

Mark’s got a killer commute — driving well over 60 miles a day. So, comfort is a top priority. And, for a compact utility vehicle (and, for a Jeep), it’s pretty comfortable all around. The cloth felt nice, the steering wheel felt high-quality, and the ride quality was nice. (Also, we drove the Sport model in this video, which was the base model — not many bells and whistles at all. Maybe only one bell and two whistles, really.) Also, Mark’s in the 925er Tribe, so he’s looking for a vehicle that can take a lot of use.

Watch the full video review to get Mark’s take on Renegade.

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