Name: Laura
Carmatch code: HFMC4
Tribe: Arriver
Vehicle: Chevy Cruze
Score: 83

Chevy Cruze Trunk Space – Generous Enough?

Chevy Cruze Trunk Space. Is it generous enough? We asked a dozen small car shoppers to review the Cruze inside and out. In this video, Laura explores the Cruze — from mashing the gas pedal to merge onto the highway, to checking out the storage capability, Laura provides great insight into this vehicle. Take a look for yourself.

Meet Laura. Laura’s CarMatch Code™ is HFMC4. Working at McCourts Music, Laura needs to be able to constantly haul gear from one shop location to the other. But, even though she wants space, she also wants a vehicle that’s Fun to Drive, and one that’s not-so-bad on fuel, either. Her personal style is Classic/Timeless and she needs to be able to haul up to four people.

  • Andrew Schwartzenberger

    This reviewer is a total babe.

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