Name: Scott
Carmatch code: MHPU5
Tribe: People Mover
Vehicle: Chevy Sonic
Score: 90

Chevy Sonic Review – If Knight Rider was a Commuter

“It had a digital speedometer, just like Knight Rider.” We asked a dozen small car shoppers to give us their opinion on the Chevy Sonic. In his review, Scott — our very own David Hasselhoff — seemed to dig his time with the Sonic. Solid ride: check. Futuristic interior: double check. Watch the full review and, if you’re of the era, let nostalgia sink in with a hint Knight Rider.

Meet Scott. Scott’s CarMatch Code™ is FDSP4. He wants a vehicle that’s Fun to Drive (D), has great Styling and Design (D) but also makes him feel Safe and Secure (S). His personal style is “Pop” (P) and he needs to be able to haul up to five people. Get your CarMatch Code and find out if the Chevy Sonic is a good fit for you.

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