Name: Sarah
Carmatch code: MLPC5
Tribe: Pincher
Vehicle: Chevy Spark
Score: 67

Chevy Spark – An Efficient City Car – Review Video

If you’ve been shopping for a city car, chances are the Chevy Spark is on your short list. That’s why we asked our ReviewCrew to bring you the people’s view of the Spark. After spending an hour with the tiny city car, Sarah decided that, while it’s not a perfect fit for her, the Spark would make an outstanding vehicle for someone who lived within the compact confines of a large city. Watch the full video review for all the details.

Meet Sarah. Sarah’s CarMatch Code™ is MLPC5. Since Sarah drives a lot, she needs something that slowly sips fuel. She also wants a vehicle that she can rely on, and one that she doesn’t have to donate a kidney to afford. Her personal style is Classic/Timeless and she needs to be able to haul up to five people. Find out your CarMatch Code and see if the Chevy Spark is the right car for you.

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