Name: Andy
Carmatch code: FDSP4
Tribe: Arriver
Vehicle: Chevy Spark
Score: 60

Chevy Spark Review Video – Not For the “Old”

“It would probably fetch a younger crowd.”

That was one of the first things out of Andy’s mouth. Watch Andy’s Chevy Spark review and watch him try not laugh. It’s not that he dislikes the car. No no. The Spark’s styling is on point, the interior design is great and, as his female copilot says, “it speaks to my inner 16 year old!” (The Spark-is-ideally-suited-for-a-16-year-old-girl seems to be a running theme here.)

Meet Andy. Andy’s CarMatch Code™ is FDSP4. Being that his daily driver is a tricked-out Mustang, Andy needs a vehicle that’s Fun to Drive — and, Styling/Design isn’t far behind. But, Andy’s not all fast and fun. Safety/Security is also a top-three priority. He describes his personal style as Pop and needs to be able to haul up to four people. If you’re a 16-year-old girl (or channeling your inner 16-year-old), find out your CarMatch Code and see if this vehicle is the right one for you.


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