Name: Andrew
Carmatch code: FHDN4
Tribe: Driver
Vehicle: Scion tC
Score: 81

Compact Cars with Storage Space – Scion tC Review Video

Compact Cars with Storage Space. Andrew’s a fun-to-drive small car shopper to the max. Check out his Scion tC Review Video and watch how much this quick, little commuter makes him grin. And, you’ll be surprised how much storage space this compact coupe has to offer. It may not return the absolute best fuel economy, but Scion tC’s design, storage space and fun-to-drive qualities made it a hit among our ReviewCrew. Watch to video to see what Andrew thinks of this road-trip-worthy machine.

Meet Andrew. Andrew’s CarMatch™ Code is FHDN4. Above all, he values Fun to Drive vehicles. He also needs to Haul People and Stuff, but wishes to do so in a vehicle with great Styling/Design. He claims “No Personal Style,” and needs a vehicle that can haul up to four people. Find out what your CarMatch™ code is here.

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