Name: Andy
Carmatch code: FDSP4
Tribe: Arriver
Vehicle: Ford Focus ST
Score: 88

Does Ford Focus ST Deliver Enough Bang for the Buck

Does Ford Focus ST Deliver Enough Bang for the Buck? The Ford Focus ST was a treat for the Vote on Cars ReviewCrew. It’s fast, has style in spades and, under heavy acceleration, sounds like an angry, snarling bear … in a good way. Watch this review video as Andy digs into the throttle and answers the question: does Ford Focus ST deliver enough bang for the buck? The answer: You’ll have to watch the review video to find out.

Meet Andy. Andy’s CarMatch Code™ is FDSP4. Being that his daily driver is a tricked-out Mustang, Andy needs a vehicle that’s Fun to Drive — and, Styling/Design isn’t far behind. But, Andy’s not all fast and fun. Safety/Security is also a top-three priority. He describes his personal style as Pop and needs to be able to haul up to four people. To find out your CarMatch Code™, click here.



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