Name: Max
Carmatch code: FDCU4
Tribe: Class Leader
Vehicle: Fiat 500L
Score: 47

Fiat 500L – A Good Small Car? – Max’s Review – FDCU4

Right off the bat, the color definitely hits you right in the face. Because, it’s yellow. I’m not a fan of yellow. But, I will not hold it against is because you can get lots of different colors.

Max’s Fiat 500L Review: Is Fiat 500L A Good Small Car? In this review video, Max finds out if the Fiat 500L is a good car. While he may not like the bright yellow or the “bug-eyed lights,” but the wheels, the drive quality, and the overall uniqueness of the 500L definitely earned the vehicle points, in his eyes. Plus, true to our other reviewers, Max finds that there is a surprising amount of storage capacity in the 500L. He’s also impressed with the entertainment and technology options in the 500L. And, while the overall subwoofing bass might be lacking a bit, the other tech makes up for it. He also finds that, while it’s not quite a luxury vehicle, the Fiat 500L has a well-built cabin with comfortable and quality materials. Watch his full review to find out whether or not he thought the 500L was a good small car, and if it’s the best car for him or not.

Meet Max. Max’s CarMatch Code is FDCU4. He wants a vehicle that is fun to drive, has great style and design and offers quality craftsmanship. His personal style is “unique,” and he needs to be able to haul up to four people. Find out your CarMatch Code to see if the Fiat 500L is the right vehicle for you.


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