Name: Schwartz
Carmatch code: HMFC4
Tribe: Keeper
Vehicle: Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta Titanium Review – Andrew’s Comedic Review

Andrew’s Ford Fiesta Review

In this review video, Andrew gives us his take on the Ford Fiesta Titanium. More than your typical review, we’re convinced that Andrew was actually practicing his stand-up comedy bit where he ham-and-eggs it with a Ford Fiesta. Either way, his review is entertaining, enlightening and just might help you decide if the Fiesta is the right vehicle for you.

A little about Andrew. Andrew’s CarMatch Code™ is HMFC4. An avid cyclist and musician, Andrew needs plenty of space to Haul People and Stuff. He also wants great fuel economy, along with some Fun to Drive attributes. He defines his personal style as Classic/Timeless, and would like to be able to carry up to four people — himself included.  Find out your CarMatch Code and see if the Ford Fiesta Titanium is the right vehicle for you.


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