Name: Brent
Carmatch code: TFPT4
Tribe: Tech-er
Vehicle: Ford Fiesta
Score: 51

Ford Fiesta Titanium Review: Brett and the Party

Brett’s Ford Fiesta Titanium Review

In this review video, Brett takes the helm of the Ford Fiesta Titanium to give us his take on Focus’s little brother. While the styling was unanimously praised, the performance lacked. But, despite the so-so performance and lack of rear legroom, the Fiesta proved to be a great little commuter. Watch the full Ford Fiesta Titanium Review video for all of the details.

Meet Brett. Brett’s CarMatch Code is TFPT4. He wants a vehicle that is rife with technology, is fun to drive, and has a low monthly payment. His personal style is “trend setting,” and he needs to be able to haul up to four people. And, the answer is “yes,” he DOES look like Seth MacFarland. Find out your CarMatch Code and see if the Ford Fiesta is the right vehicle for you.

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