Name: Mike
Carmatch code: FDCU4
Tribe: Driver
Vehicle: Ford Fusion Energi
Score: 81

Is Ford Fusion Energi Fun to Drive?

Is Ford Fusion Energi Fun to Drive? Well, we asked Mike to find out. Mike’s a performance-minded driver who appreciates great style, powerful engines and handling. His conclusion? You’ll have to watch to find out.

Meet Mike. Mike’s CarMatch Code™ is FDCU4. He wants a vehicle that’s, above all, Fun to Drive. He also values Styling/Design, as well as Luxury and Craftsmanship. Mike describes his personal style as Unique and Individual and needs to be able to haul up to four people.

A side note on Mike. We met Mike when he pulled up to a VOC shoot on his smokin’ Ducati. When he’s in a four-wheel mood, he pilots an Audi A5 — Mike is a connoisseur of horsepower and handling.
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