Name: Heidi
Carmatch code: HSPU6
Tribe: Hauler
Vehicle: Scion iQ
Score: 76

Heidi’s Scion iQ Review – HSPU6

What Fits in Scion iQ? Well, Heidi will tell you. Or, maybe more accurately, she’ll tell you what won’t fit. Even though she needs 6 seats (yes, 6!) and more cargo space, Heidi offers great insight as she reviews the Scion iQ. Check it out as she explores iQ from every seating position — including the back seat. However, calling the back seat a “back seat” is like calling a futon a “bed” — you can never get comfortable. Watch as Heidi reviews the Scion iQ and provides honest insight for city-car shoppers.

Meet Heidi. Heidi’s CarMatch Code™ is HSPU6. She needs a vehicle that can Haul People and Stuff (H), makes her feel Safe and Secure (S) and has a Low Monthly Payment (P). Her personal style is Unique/Individualistic (U) and she needs to be able to carry up to 6 people! Find out your CarMatch Code to see if the Scion iQ is the right vehicle for you.

Disclaimer: We don’t advice trying to fit 6 people into a Scion iQ. However, it might be kind of funny if you tried … 

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