Name: Ravae
Carmatch code: MLSC4
Tribe: Arriver
Vehicle: Honda HR-V
Score: 65

Honda HR-V: Rock Out and Haul Stuff Review

I like being higher up so I feel like I’m in charge.

VOC veteran Ravae lent us her car-reviewing skills once again at our HR-V shoot at Troy Honda. A member of the Arriver Tribe, she wants a vehicle that turns heads when she pulls up to the club (or wherever she pulls up to). But, for her, HR-V missed the mark in a few key areas. The center stack controls were a bit dizzying and the vehicle didn’t make her feel like the Arriver that she is.

The radio was a bit of a disappointment for her, too. “On a scale of one to jam-out car, it’s a one.” Looks like HR-V is a better crossover to haul stuff than it is to rock out. (No worries, just might be better suited for a Hauler.)

Overall, she was about 50/50 on the car. She said that, while it would get her to her destination and that it could haul a bunch of other stuff there, too, HR-V missed the mark for her.

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