Name: Mike
Carmatch code: FTCU4
Tribe: Driver
Vehicle: Honda HR-V
Score: 65

Honda HR-V: The Bad News

If you’re of the driver type like me, you might not be incredibly impressed by the HR-V.

Mike Presents: Honda HR-V, the Bad News Edition

Vote on Cars is dedicated to bringing you real opinions from real shoppers. This means that, while some of our reviews are super positive, not every one of them is a glowing endorsement for the vehicle or brand. In this case, it’s the later.

In this HR-V video review, Vote on Cars veteran Mike gives us his take on the Honda’s latest.

Overall, Mike liked the styling and the overall storage room. But, as a member of the Driver Tribe, his priorities lie elsewhere.

When it comes to drive dynamics, Mike was less than impressed. HR-V didn’t offer enough power for Mike. And he didn’t care for the sound of the engine, either. At full throttle, HR-V took its sweet time getting up to speed — despite the loud sounds from under the hood.

Watch Mike’s video review for the whole scoop.

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