Name: Ysa
Carmatch code: MHPU4
Tribe: Hauler
Vehicle: Honda HR-V
Score: 99

Honda HR-V: Short Driver Awesomeness with a Diana Ross Attitude. Hauler Tribe

I’m angry and sophisticated, like Diana Ross.

Vote on Cars visited Troy Honda with a half dozen real small car shoppers to check out the all-new Honda HR-V. In this review video, VOC Veteran Ysa gives us her impressions of the highly anticipated SUV-car-thing.

First, she loves the styling. She says it’s got this “angry sophistication,” kinda like Diana Ross (BTW. We’re from Detroit, so any car that gets compared to Diana Ross [and the Supremes] is a winner with us).

“I love this car! This car is mine.”

Second, Ysa’s a hauler, so she wants a vehicle that can really pack in the cargo. And, HR-V delivered. She loved all the space that those clever Magic seats open up.

The only thing she didn’t love was the pick up. HR-V doesn’t really put up impressive 0-60 mph times. But, if you’re looking for a vehicle that gets great fuel economy and can haul damn near anything, then who cares about quick.

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