Mark W
Name: Mark W
Carmatch code: FLHC4
Tribe: Driver
Vehicle: Honda HR-V
Score: 75

Honda HR-V: Quality, MPG and Performance Video

For a small SUV, it’s got a lot of utility.

Honda HR-V Review: Quality, MPG, Performance

In this Honda HR-V review video, Mark gets behind the wheel and gives us his Driver Tribe take.

Overall, Mark dug the Honda HR-V. He liked the styling, which was bold like an SUV while retaining the sleeker silhouette of a couple. The spacious interior was also a bonus. Mark was comfortable in every seat in the car. And, he found the expansive cargo space to be impressive. Even when the rear seats are in their upright position, the rear cargo area offers plenty of space to haul stuff.

But as a Driver, he didn’t like the speed. The lackluster power left something to be desired. Yet, Mark could forgive HR-V’s wimpiness for its great fuel economy — up to 28 mpg in the city and 35 on the highway! Not bad for a small crossover.

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