Name: Andrew
Carmatch code: FHDN4
Tribe: Driver
Vehicle: Toyota Corolla
Score: 70

How Sporty is the Toyota Corolla S?: Review Video

How Sporty is the Toyota Corolla S? The interior design cues match the exterior color, and the overall exterior shape is not as bland as Corolla models of the past. But the throttle leaves Andrew wanting just a little bit more. And, according to Andrew, the steering takes away from all the hard work the styling is putting in to making the Corolla S a “cool” car.

So, how sporty is the Toyota Corolla S? It’s, ah, well … it LOOKS sporty. While its styling and pleasant commuter attributes won the Corolla S some kudos, Andrew explores it for all its got. Watch his review video and see if you agree with his take on the Corolla S.

A little about Andrew. Andrew’s CarMatch™ Code is FHDN4. Above all, he values Fun to Drive vehicles. He also needs to Haul People and Stuff, but wishes to do so in a vehicle with great Styling/Design. He claims “No Personal Style,” and needs a vehicle that can haul up to four people. Find out what your CarMatch™ code is here.

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