Name: Tiffani
Carmatch code: MLPT5
Tribe: Arriver
Vehicle: Dodge Dart
Score: 90

Is Dodge Dart a Girl Car? MLPT5 Review

When I first heard that we were going to be driving the Dodge Dart, I immediately thought of the iconic Dodge Dart from the 1960s and 70s, so I didn’t exactly know what I was getting myself into. But, I actually like the sleek look of it. It’s very modern, but it’s still unique.

Is Dodge Dart a Girl Car? Well, not exclusively. But, it did impress our reviewer, Tiffani.

In pursuit of the best affordable cars we ALMOST overlooked Dodge Dart — maybe you did too. And, that would be a HUGE mistake. Tiffani’s a relative newbie to VOC, but quickly becoming a fan favorite. Also known as our “frugal fashionista,” Tiffany believes that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for a manageable monthly payment. Does Dodge Dart deliver? You better believe it! It’s got exterior style, interior class and enough storage space for the essentials — as well as a few other passengers. Watch the full review video to see what she has to say about the 2014 Dart.

Meet Tiffani. Tiffani’s CarMatch Code is MLPT5. She wnats a vehicle with great MPG (M), will last a long time (L) and comes with a low monthly payment (P). Her personal style is trendsetting (T) and she needs be able to haul up to five people. Find out your CarMatch Code to see if the Dodge Dart is the best girl car for you.


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