Name: Ravae
Carmatch code: MLSC4
Tribe: Arriver
Vehicle: Fiat 500L
Score: 63

Is Fiat 500L A Good Car? – Ravae’s Review – MLSC4

“You guys, do I look like Jennifer Lopez driving this car?”

In this hilarious, wacky, and slightly irreverent review, our newest reviewer Ravae drives the Fiat 500L. Her goal: To find out the answer to “Is Fiat 500L a good car?” Well, what did she find out? While the styling and exterior color might not be her thing, she certainly doesn’t seem to mind the fun-ness of the 500L. But, the stereo was lacking in the bass department. (And, we’re not talking about the small- or large-mouth variety.) Maybe if Dr. Dre’s Beats paid this 500L a visit, things would be different. However, she finds out that this micro-ish-sized commuter just might hold more than you’d expect. Watch the full review for all the quirkiness, details and a pint-sized load of fun. 

Meet Ravae. Ravae’s CarMatch Code is MLSC4. She wants a vehicle that gets great miles per gallon, will last her a long time and one that makes her feel safe. Her personal style is Classic and she needs to be able to haul up to four people. Find out your CarMatch Code to see if the Fiat 500L is the right vehicle for you.


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