Mark W
Name: Mark W
Carmatch code: FLHC4
Tribe: Driver
Vehicle: Honda Fit
Score: 73

Is Honda Fit a Good Car for Cyclists?

It’s not a sports car … but for the price I think it’s a great value

Is Honda Fit a good car cyclists who want a car that’s going to last a long time? Well, we thought you’d never ask. Here’s Mark’s take…

Mark, a member of the Driver Tribe, is an avid cyclist who wants a long-lasting vehicle that also makes his daily commute a little more fun. And when it comes to fun-to-drive qualities, he admits that Fit is “competent,” but not necessarily a “driver’s car.”

Earth Dreams Technology. Is it for dirt? I don’t know.

But, he did find Fit’s versatile interior to be impressive. Enough space for a bike? With the seats down, definitely. That puts a check in the “good car for cyclists” column. Plus, with the many different ways the seats fold, you’d have enough space for your gear bag and miscellaneous tools. However, the low price point, good fuel economy and expansive-for-a-tiny-car interior cargo capacity might not be enough to win him over. Watch the whole video to see where Fit fits into Mark’s lifestyle and where it lacks.

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