Name: Caitlan
Carmatch code: FDCU2
Tribe: Arriver
Vehicle: Nissan Versa NOTE
Score: 65

Is Nissan Versa NOTE a Good Car for Your Commute? FDCU2 Review

In pursuit of the best affordable cars, we visited Suburban Nissan in Troy to check out the Nissan Versa Note. In this review video, Caitlan takes the wheel to give us her spin on the Note. Well, Caitlan wasn’t enamored by the odd, futuristic styling, but seemed impressed with the cargo capacity and storage options (for how small the Note seemed). She said that between the interior comfort and the high mpgs, the Note might be the perfect road trip car. But, can she get over the “meh” styling? Watch the full review to find out.

Caitlan’s CarMatch Code

Meet Caitlan. Caitlan’s CarMatch Code is FDCU2. She wants a vehicle that is fun to drive (F), has great styling and design (D) and offers luxury and quality craftsmanship (C). Her personal style is unique (U) and she needs to be able to haul only herself and one other person. Find our your CarMatch Code to see if the Nissan Versa NOTE is the right vehicle for you.

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Score Card


“Hi, my name is Caitlan, and I’m an FDCU2. And, I just got done driving the Nissan Versa Note. This one came in this lovely blue … Not sure I would totally love this. Overall, the outside is futuristic, but not really my style. I feel like it’s got a really big back end and a really big nose. And, it’s just not that attractive. As for the trunk, it’s pretty big. You’ve got definitely enough space for a small suit case, maybe golf clubs. You could fold the back seats from here, which is nice if you’re trying to slide something in that you weren’t really expecting. Once you’re in the car, it’s super roomy and comfortable. Whoa, dude, I could do the can-can back here with all the room. The seats are comfortable. The front seat was pretty comfortable. If I had to go on a long drive, this would be a great car for that, because not only is it comfortable and roomy, but it actually really gets great gas mileage. I think it’s something like 35 mpg combined and 40 mpg on the highway. This particular version has a blue material on the inside to kind of match the car on the outside. They matched the inside of the car with the outside with this blue material. But that’s as much as I like about the inside. There’s nothing stylish about this. Normally, I appreciate plain dashboards, but this is like … for being a 2014, it looks like a 2002 … This center column with all the buttons and the shifter, it looks 10 years too old for a brand new car. Did I see a USB port back there? No. This seems pretty low tech. It doesn’t have a USB port, which is really important to me, because I constantly charge my phone in the car. The steering wheel feels really thin, like, you don’t have a very good grip. But, at least it’s got this nice material wrapped around it. The sound system is really quite good. Turn it up. I think this is a base sound system, and I could turn it up pretty high and it never got distorted. So, as far as drivability goes, this wasn’t for me. The car doesn’t accelerate quickly. …This is not going anywhere … The steering responsiveness isn’t that great. … See look, the steering is not responsive … And, the brakes are a little bit scary … Yeah, the brakes aren’t very sensitive either. But, I feel safe because it’s pretty big. For a daily driver, it’s not something I’m looking for in a vehicle … Apparently that comes out really easily.”

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