Mark S
Name: Mark S
Carmatch code: LDSC4
Tribe: Keeper
Vehicle: Honda Fit
Score: 97

Is the 2016 Honda Fit a Good Car for Camping?

Is the 2016 Honda Fit a good car for camping? We unleashed one of our resident campers to explore Fit’s flexible camp-ability. And as a card-carting member of the Keeper Tribe, it’s a safe bet Mark’s going to make sure this Fit lives up to the Honda’s reputation for long-lasting quality.

Tons of storage space. And, at 6 feet 3 inches, Mark fit comfortably in both the front and rear seats. There was plenty of legroom, plenty of headroom and plenty of cargo room. Just getting into the car made Mark excited for a two-person, road-and-camping trip. He also digs the sunroof. (Then again, who doesn’t love a sunroof?)

Between Honda’s reputation for longevity, Mark’s keep-it-till-it-dies-and-then-keep-it-longer attitude, and the vast storage possibilities, the 2016 Fit just might be his next “forever car.”

And, it’s not all functionality for Mark. He did admit his fondness for the “old man gray” exterior color. The not-so-eye-catching styling of Fit was right up his alley.

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