Name: Mike
Carmatch code: FTCU4
Tribe: Driver
Vehicle: Honda Fit
Score: 71

Is the 2016 Honda Fit Fun to Drive?

It’s got the … engine with Earth Dreams Technology—I have no idea what that means

Is the 2016 Honda Fit Fun to Drive? We asked Driver Mike to give us his take.

Mike isn’t necessarily looking for a small-outside-big-inside commuter like Fit, but that didn’t stop him from appreciating the vast amounts of space that the rear seats provide. Flip them up or fold them down, Fit can haul a lot. Mike also noted that the interior was pretty roomy. With three full-grown men inside (well, maybe Mark is mostly grown) there was plenty of legroom and everyone was comfortable.

The rear-view camera and LaneWatch blind spot camera give you plenty of rearward visibility where you need it most. These were two other features that Mike appreciated.

But, as a Driver Tribe member, Mike found that while Fit offers some pretty cool features—sport mode, paddle shifters, a fun-ish CVT—it didn’t quite deliver the drive quality he was looking for. The acceleration and suspension lacked a bit for his tastes. However, if you’re looking to get from point A to point B, he admits that this might just be the perfect fit for you.

Mike also does a lot of his own vehicle maintenance. As he looks under Fit’s hood, he tells us that most of the components he needs to get to are in plain view and look easy enough to reach. Maybe he can modify Fit to haul stuff at top speed down a drag strip? (Maybe not.)

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