Name: Rich
Carmatch code: FDCT4
Tribe: Class Leader
Vehicle: Kia Soul
Score: 60

Is the Kia Soul a Good Car for College Students? FDTC4 Review

We have a really good connectivity for your phone. We have two 12-volts an auxiliary, a USB and Bluetooth.

A Good Car for College Students: The Kia Soul.

In pursuit of the best affordable cars, we visited our local Kia dealership to check out the 2014 Kia Soul. In this review video, college student Rich takes the wheel. He likes fun-to-drive excitement, sleek style and design and technology. And, Soul seems to mostly deliver. He digs the styling, inside and out (quirky, though it may be) and it has the technology and connectivity he’s looking for. Plus, the spirited drive surprised him. It may surprise you, too.

Meet Rich. Rich’s CarMatch Code is FDTC4. He’s looking for a vehicle that’s fun to drive (F), has great styling and design (D) and is packed with technology (T). His personal style is classic (C) and he needs to be able to haul up to four people. Find out your CarMatch Code to see if the Kia Soul is the best car for you.
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