Name: Mike
Carmatch code: FTCU4
Tribe: Driver
Vehicle: Volkswagen Beetle
Score: 66

Is the VW Beetle the Best Affordable Car for You? FTCU4 Review

In pursuit of the best affordable cars, we visited our local Volkswagen dealership to check out the infamous Beetle. In this review video, Mike gives us his spin on the iconic “Bug.” While the baby blue might not be his first color choice, he does enjoy the driving dynamics, maneuverability and overall engineering of the vehicle. And, the engine note isn’t too shabby, either — though the engine “leaves a little to be desired.”

Our reviewers get to explore and drive the vehicle without the presence of a sales person. It helps us get the most honest and relevant reviews — all in the name of making YOUR car-shopping experience better.

Meet Mike. Mike’s CarMatch Code is FTCU4. He wants a vehicle that is fun to drive (F), is packed with technology (T) and was made with exceptional craftsmanship and luxury in mind (C). His personal style is unique (U) and he needs to be able to haul up to 4 people. Find out your CarMatch Code to see if the VW Beetle is the right small car for you.

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