Name: Laura
Carmatch code: MFHC4
Tribe: Arriver
Vehicle: Scion iQ
Score: 57

Laura’s Scion iQ Review – MFHC4

It’s cute. Ok, super cute. But does Scion iQ have enough cute to overcome the practical needs of one of our funky-fun commuters? Find out Laura’s video – Scion iQ Review – Enough Cute to Make the Cut? Clearly, iQ delivers big for city dwellers, with awesome maneuverability that, frankly we’ve never seen in another vehicle. Take it on the open road for some highway cruising, hang on, you’re in for quite a different experience. I’ll let Laura explain it to you.


Meet Laura. Laura’s CarMatch Code is MFHC4. That means, she’s looking for a car with

M = MPG. Converting as little of her paycheck into gas is a must.

F = Fun-to-Drive characteristics. Watch any of Laura’s videos and it’s clear that she likes some spirited get up and go.

H = Hauling People and Stuff. As the manager of a music store, Laura’s always hauling instruments to clients and other stores

Find out your CarMatch Code and see if the Scion iQ is the right vehicle for you.

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