Andrew R
Name: Andrew R
Carmatch code: FDMC2
Tribe: Driver
Vehicle: Mazda CX-3
Score: 90

Mazda CX-3: Driver’s Car Plus Utility Video Review

It’s not your average car.

In this Mazda CX-3 review video, Andrew Rudski — a VOC veteran and Driver Tribe member — takes the helm to give us take on this all-new, stylish CUV.

Speaking of style, no design detail was lost on Andrew. From the carbon fiber accents and accent stitching to the wheels and overall exterior design, he liked how CX-3 had a huge emotional impact. The high-tech design is complemented with high-tech, well, tech. The heads-up display gives CX-3 a spaceship kind of feel. And, the touchscreen is intuitive and easy to see. But, the controls for the touchscreen aren’t as well placed as they could be.

But, CX-3 is more than just a pretty car. It’s fun to drive, too. And, as a Driver, Andrew loved this aspect. It accelerated quickly, cornered well, and made the entire driving experience fun.

And, CX-3 offers plenty of utility, too. If you’re looking for a car that’s fun to drive and feels like a smaller car, but also has some hauling capability, CX-3’s a great option. The rear seats fold flat and really opens up the back for bigger items, like that new flat-screen TV, two or three large Golden Retrievers, or that dresser from Ikea that wouldn’t fit in your friend’s Chevy Spark.

Aside from some interior knob placement, Andrew dug the CX-3. What about you? Watch the entire video for Andrew’s full breakdown of the all-new Mazda CX-3.

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