Name: Kim
Carmatch code: HPDU7
Tribe: People Mover
Vehicle: Ford Fusion Energi
Score: 77

Mom Tested Ford Fusion Energi Video

Mom Tested Ford Fusion Energi Video. Is the Ford Fusion Energi a family car? To find out, we let Kim loose on the Fusion Energi. Smooth: check. Quiet: check. Comfortable: check. Styling: check again. The Fusion Energi just might be a good fit for a family person who sees an empty nest in the future. Though she admits the overly smooth ride, while nice, may invite the speedometer needle to hang out in the the triple digits.

A brown-nosed side note: She might be a mother with children in their 20s, Kim looks more like one of the siblings than a parent. We don’t know how she does it…

Meet Kim. Kim’s CarMatch™ Code is HPDU7. Being a budget-conscious mother, she needs to be able to Haul People and Stuff in a vehicle with a low monthly payment. However, she isn’t all utilitarian. Kim also values great styling and design. She has a Unique and Individualistic personal style that she brings to her reviews. She also needs to be able to haul up to seven people! You can find out what your CarMatch™ Code is here.

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