Name: Morgan
Carmatch code: DMPT5
Tribe: Class Leader
Vehicle: Nissan Versa NOTE
Score: 86

Nissan Versa Note: Futuristic Exterior meets Old Interior – DMPT5 Review

Probably the best thing about this car is the gas mileage: 35 mpg combined city/highway, 40 mpg highway. I drive an hour to work everyday, so that kind of gas mileage would be incredible …

In pursuit of great affordable commuter cars, we visited Suburban Nissan in Troy to check out the Nissan Versa Note. In this review video, Morgan takes the wheel to give us her spin on the Note. Right off the bat, Morgan digs the “futuristic” styling (though, in her opinion, the color could use some work). And, while it might look small on the outside, she found that it was surprisingly spacious on the inside. As far as the drive, Note left a little something to be desired. It was much louder than it was fast. However, if you’re commute is extra long, you’ll dig the trade-off: outstanding fuel economy.

Meet Morgan. Morgan’s CarMatch Code is DMPT5. She wants a vehicle that has great style and design (D), gets high mpg (M) and has a low monthly payment (L). Her personal style is trend setting (T) and she needs to be able to haul up to five people. Find our your CarMatch Code to see if the Nissan Versa NOTE is the right vehicle for you.┬áIf you liked Morgan’s review of the Versa NOTE, check out her Dodge Dart review, too.

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